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A single-page UI/UX thath would allow users to easily buy via Stripe and receive deliveries nationwide via UPS integration

What we faced
through this journey

The client

LedLamp Liquidators® is a LED wholesaler based in Miami. They sell large minimum quantities of lamps exclusively through their online platform. Their focus are on business clients so all of their visual elements, such as colors, logo, typefaces would have to necessarily communicate with the corporate style they needed.

The goal

Our goal was to create an easy to navigate single-page product that would effectively communicate with a corporate profile of buyers and also to integrate safely both the payment and delivery APIs with Stripe® and UPS®

What we did

We came up with the color scheme and the most minimal logo. Then, we proposed the navigation process with the less effort required to complete a purchase and never to miss a checkout. Once the pages were approved by the client, we proceeded to complete development and integrate both APIs with Stripe and U.S. deliveries counting on UPS® API, considering all of the possible variations of package sizes, number of items, package weights and distances that customers would input during checkout to avoid any possible errors.

Checkout and
Payment integrations

Checkout - Delivery details

Checkout - Payment details

Checkout - Order placement